Gazel Energie - Ten-year requalification of gas boilers

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Gazel Energie


Preparation, Scheduling, Supervision


Saint Avold (67)


January - August 2020

At the beginning of 2020, our client GAZEL ENERGIE entrusted us with the preparation and planning of the work for the 2020 shutdown of its Saint Avold power plant with the culmination of this work, the decadal requalification of 2 natural gas boilers. dedicated to supplying 400 MW turbines.

A team of 2 collaborators was mobilized on this project to ensure the preparation, planning and supervision of scaffolding & thermal insulation operations. The team was reinforced by an HSE coordinator during the shutdown phase.

Like all our activities, this project was deeply impacted by the health crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, the work, initially planned in 2 distinct phases of 8 weeks spaced 4 weeks apart, allowing one of the 2 turbines to be kept in operation permanently, was finally postponed and rescheduled over a shorter period. These changes caused serious problems in smoothing out the interventions of the 40 outside companies present during the shutdown. The planning unit therefore had to mobilize all its know-how to allow the safe cohabitation of the 158 workers intervening daily on the site on average, with peaks of up to 320 people simultaneously.

Despite these difficulties, all of the works was carried out on time and according to initial quality standards, which earned our team the congratulations of the client!

Key figures

40,983 hours of work planned for all 2 units

246 EG & Mechanical interventions

621 EIA interventions

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