Virtual tour

360° interactive navigation

A virtual tour is a digital tool which allows interactive 360⁰ navigation within an industrial facility.

Created from very high definition photos and panoramic views, and completed by various technical data, the user can explore the facility in just a few clicks and obtain important information about the equipment at any given moment.

A virtual tour is a very useful tool which offers practical solutions to various problems relating to large industrial facilities :

  • Shutdown preparation.

  • Work intervention requests.
  • Remote training.
  • Prevention plan.
  • Inspection.

Designed with very high definition panoramic views (definition of 220 Mpx against 20 Mpx for a standard 360° view), the highly accurate visualisation completed by technical data comes very close to an “augmented reality” experience.

Designed for use on a desktop computer, it can also be used with a virtual reality headset for a unique immersive experience.

Navigation is intuitive and displays equipment “tags” and key information (datasheets).

It also allows photos/views to be quickly searched, captured and printed to efficiently link operation requests to detailed photos.

Video Demonstration


Our virtual tours are produced by Alpha Maintenance’s subsidiary IMPAQT CONSEIL, which is accustomed to quickly intervening on onshore or offshore sites in France and all over the world.

They are quickly and easily produced, with an average delivery time of between 3 weeks and two months after shooting.

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