Shutdown engineering

The purpose of shutdown and works engineering is to prepare and pilot planned shutdowns required for the inspection, maintenance or evolution of industrial facilities.

Our services

Due to their complexity, duration, diversity of operations and multiplication of actors, planned shutdown projects present various human, financial and technical risks.

Alpha maintenance multi-disciplinary teams possess the necessary experience to deal with these strategic issues. They combine advanced expertise in project management with a perfect command of works co-ordination and supervision to organise and steer operations, while putting safety requirements at the heart of their recommendations and operations.

Thanks to more than 30 years’ experience, gained mainly in oil, gas and petrochemicals, we are now able to assist and advise our clients in addressing key performance factors in order to reduce deadlines while controlling costs.

Throughout the duration of these projects, which last typically between 12 and 18 months, we support our clients with all the various phases: preparation, scheduling, steering and progress monitoring. We build up a trusting and co-operative relationship with them which enables us to promote foresight and enhance risk management.

These operations are generally performed as a part of a fixed price project, but our experts can also undertake technical assistance assignments.

Our main solutions

shutdown preparation

Preparation of planning sheets and work files, call for tenders, estimates, technical alignments, clarifications, orders and specific preparation...

Shutdown scheduling

Drafting of scheduling procedures and progress monitoring, from “oil to oil” scheduling, detailed availability scheduling, transfer and works scheduling, identification of critical paths, optimisation of deadlines and resources, implementation of personalised reporting.

Cost control

Management of commitments and expenditure, analysis of additional works, assessments and feedback.

Co-ordination and supervision

Works co-ordination and supervision, quality plans, cost control, assessments and feedback.

Application of digital tools

Application of the am tools suite, digital tools designed to facilitate the management of large projects thanks to enhanced traceability, improve sharing and real-time display of information on smartphones or desk-top computers and reinforce communication.

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