Alpha Maintenance considers safety as a priority commitment
in the same way as the Ponticelli Frères Group.

Safety : Alpha Maintenance’s approach

We focus our safety approach around 4 essential concepts: the health of individuals, safety at work, security for individual, goods and information while respecting the environment and laws.

Our Safety Policy therefore has three key :

1. Protect the health of all personnel acting for the Group and within its environment.

2. Make every effort to ensure that there are no more accidents.

3. Prevent any harm to individuals, properties and the environment.

Our Security Policy in detail

  • Control professional exposure.

  • Identify the risks associated with our activities.
  • Set up a management system to achieve our targets by applying recognised standards.
  • Set up and monitor indicators allowing to measure the relevance of our policies with our targets.
  • Share and apply our values, targets and policy to external personnel involved in our operations (temporary workers and subcontractors).
  • Control the application of our management system in the field.
  • Analyse the causes of all deviations from our policy and every situation contrary to our values to eradicate any recurrence and improve our measures.


I am personally committed to providing Alpha Maintenance with the necessary means to comply with our policy.

I would like to invite every company employee to exercise his/her right to withdrawal if a situation contrary to our values presents itself.

I would like to call upon the company’s management to lead by example, and deeply commit themselves to our policy.

It is only with constant, individual and collective determination that, together, we will be more efficient.

François-Régis VINCENT, Managing Director

Certification MASE

Specifically targeted on our trades, the MASE certification guarantees our clients that we respect HSE fundamentals and French regulations.


The Ponticelli Frères Group is convinced that its activities can been carried out without anyone getting hurt. However, “zero accident » remains an ambitious target requiring a high level of personal and collective commitment from everyone.

From day to day and in all its decision-making, the Group places safety issues above all others. Individual commitment is strengthened by a genuine collective culture promoting “mutual vigilance” and “positive safety” for all our employee’s well-being and client satisfaction.

Safety is a priority commitment.

It provides a guarantee and is the best way to convey our humanity and our professionalism to our clients, partners, subcontractors and temporary workers. It is also the best way to improve in other areas such as quality and technical performance.

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