Maintenance engineering

The purpose of maintenance engineering is to identify maintenance strategies and set up preventive and curative operations to ensure the reliability of equipment.

Our services

The historical evolution of maintenance strategies from curative to preventive, and even predictive, aims to improve the reliability of facilities and therefore the equipment’s availability time.

Alpha maintenance teams support maintenance services in the deployment, design and optimisation of maintenance strategies in order to ensure optimal operational continuity of industrial facilities. To this end, they draft and update maintenance plans, organise and supervise preventive or operational maintenance work on the facility in accordance with safety, hygiene and environment standards, and productivity and quality requirements.

We support these facilities during all the phases of their life cycle in order to optimise their operation and costs. By undertaking these types of operations, we supervise and co-ordinate disparate general contracting work (mechanical, electricity, electronics, automatic, hydraulic, pneumatic…).

These operations are generally performed as a part of a fixed price project, but our experts can also undertake technical assistance assignments.

Our main solutions

Maintenance management strategy

Design and application of a maintenance management strategy based on a criticality study of the equipment (vital – important – secondary), completed by classification of the equipment according to its importance in the production line.

Preventive maintenance system

Maintenance plan

Identification followed by regular inspection of the equipment in order to anticipate breakdowns and reduce facility downtimes.

Equipment reliability

Operational and material studies are conducted, then a tactical design and maintenance strategy is applied: choice of components, type of maintenance, frequency of preventive operations, definition of spare part stocks, quality of feedback required to improve equipment performance.

Application of digital tools

Application of the am tools suite, digital tools designed to facilitate the management of large projects thanks to enhanced traceability, improve sharing and real-time display of information on smartphones or desk-top computers and reinforce communication.

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