AM Tools digital suite

Monitoring, progress and steering

Operating from a single database, these tools are designed to improve the steering of works, notably by allowing :

  • The traceability of the validation of various performance phases
  • Instant sharing of information
  • More effective communication between actors
The am tools digital suite overcomes several problems relating to project steering:
  • It prevents multiple entries of the progress information
  • It compensates a lack of traceability
  • It encourages prompt data collection during performance
  • It rectifies restricted distribution of schedules
  • It reduces the need to multiply monitoring tools

It thus provides complete monitoring of operational performance and prevents from being confronted with an uncertain “to be done”.

Originally designed for major maintenance works on production facilities or oil refineries, the digital suite can also be adapted to all sectors of industry requiring accurate monitoring of planned activities and/or the validation of the quality of basic operations.

The 5 tools of the am tools suite

Am loto

Tool designed to secure facilities by monitoring the suspension of various energy sources (electric, liquid-conducive, mechanical, ionising radiation) point by point. Interfaced with am progress, this tool allows information to be passed on in sub-project mode.

Am Progress

Tool combining both the monitoring of planned works and/or list monitoring and/or quality points. Am progress manages interactions between stage points/quality and the established schedule on project management programs such as primavera or ms project. Approved points can be used as notifications for the co-ordinators and service providers involved in downstream activities.

Am Mobile

Tool using am progress on smartphones, allowing to issue on-site reports. The tool gives access to tags by scanning bar-codes, qr codes and nfc chips, therefore facilitating the validation of schedule tasks, basic operations, quality points ...


Tool producing a 4d scheduling perspective by creating a “plot plan” of planned works and a land use plan for site equipment. This visualisation allows early detection of incompatible co-activities and facilitates the prevention of conflicts over land use.

Am pgaz

Tool designed for the daily monitoring of gas use in order to issue work permits for confined spaces.

Practical and flexible tools


The application of these tools on desk-top computers, tablets or smartphones (android and ios) allows data entry 24/7 from anywhere. Results are instantly visible and shared with all their users, significantly facilitating operational monitoring.


Thanks to personal and secured access, every validation is traced (name, first name, date and hour/minute) for easy identification.


All the tools can be configured to accommodate project requirements (on the basis of a spreadsheet in a web-based environment). This configuration allows the users to assimilate the tools more efficiently.


To facilitate interfacing with cmms scheduling programs, all our applications include an export/import function via excel. 

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