Inspection engineering

The purpose of inspection engineering is to assess the failure risks of various working equipment within an industrial facility to improve inspection and maintenance strategies.

Our services

In an industrial environment severely restricted by risks and regulatory issues, inspection plays a major role in facility operational safety. Alpha maintenance experts undertake all or part of criticality studies, draft or improve inspection plans and steer any operations resulting therefrom

Furthermore, we are also able to offer innovative inspection management services based on the “criticality assessment” or “risk based inspection” methods, the purpose of which is to establish specific inspection plans to reduce risks by taking into account failure probabilities and their consequences of each piece of equipment.

The long-term benefits of applying this method are :

  • Improved industrial safety by identifying hazardous components and predicting failures.
  • Reduced inspection costs by targeting tests and repairs accurately.

These operations are generally performed as a part of a fixed price project, but our experts can also undertake technical assistance assignments.

Our main solutions

Corrosion studies

Provide better understanding of processes and fluids by carrying out corrosion studies on facilities. The first phase consists of issuing process plans of the facility, identifying the fluids used and defining injection sites.

Work is based on feedback with the analysis of inspection reports allowing to determine the various forms of degradation and identify new forms previously undetected.

Analysis of inspection reports

The analysis of inspection reports allows to determine the various forms of degradation and identify new forms previously undetected.

Work is based on feedback.

Inspection plans

Drafting of inspection plans which allow to establish an optimal combination of inspection methods and frequency.

This quantisation of inspection methods is aimed at reducing risks by optimising inspection operations (inspection costs focused on critical equipment).

Application of digital tools

Application of the am tools suite, digital tools designed to facilitate the management of large projects thanks to enhanced traceability, improve sharing and real-time display of information on smartphones or desk-top computers and reinforce communication.

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