Alpha Maintenance offers a range of engineering services to provide assistance for the evolution of industrial facilities throughout their entire life cycle.

Operational methods

According to our client’s requirements and the type of project, we offer two complementary operational methods:
Fixed price projects or technical assistance assignments.

Fixed price projects

For a fixed price project, and according to our client’s specifications, we undertake its complete management with a performance obligation.

Key points of a fixed price project :

  • Complete project management.
  • Cost control.
  • Quality management of our services.
  • Optimisation of deadlines according to specifications.
  • Commitment to results.
  • Invoicing according to deliverables.
  • Possibility to include our AMtools digital suite in the fixed price.

Technical assistance

For technical assistance assignments we deploy, for a certain period of time, one or several experts who correspond to the profiles defined by our clients. To improve the efficiency of their services, we offer technical monitoring and upgrade their skills regularly through the relevant training programmes.

Key points of technical assistance assignments :

  • Individual management of the assigned expert.
  • Control of the assignment’s duration and related costs.
  • Responsiveness and flexibility.
  • Commitment of resources.
  • Invoicing for time spent.
  • Possibility to use our AMtools digital suite in SAAS (software as a service) mode.

Operating sites

When required and where this is possible, we are able to operate either directly on client premises, or from our offices.

Client premises

Operating directly on client premises ensures maximum proximity and enables the project teams to work responsively and in a simplified manner.

Alpha maintenance offices

Operating from our own offices enables our clients to save space and material resources. We are committed to protecting confidentiality and providing secure management of the transfer of information.

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