Operations engineering

Operations engineering ensures maximum operational capacity on industrial facilities, both on a day-to-day basis or during certain specific phases of its life cycle, start-up or planned shutdown and involves new or existing industrial facilities.

Our services

Starting up and operating industrial facilities require operating procedures and training materials for the operators, of which operating manuals and start-up/availability procedures are essential.

Through the impaqt conseil brand, alpha maintenance teams design and produce reference documents, operating manuals and procedures for all the operating personnel: operators, maintenance teams, hse personnel ...

These documents consist of a description of the facilities, diagrams (simplified process drawings, safety logic drawings, overall views…) and operating procedures.

Highly comprehensive and detailed, they include:

  • Details of safety systems and their configuration.
  • Details of start-up and shutdown procedures.
  • The parameters to be respected and actions to carry out under normal operating conditions.
  • The characteristics of the equipment.
  • Detailed descriptions of processes and utilities.

They also generally include general information, such as locations, historical evolution or the essential characteristics of processes and the equipment installed. We are able to expand our services to training the operating personnel about how the facilities function, processes or issuing technical documents. Training can take the form of “classroom” or online sessions, or apprenticeships (otj). Our experts can also be used to back up engineering teams during the commissioning and/or preparation and start-up phases of a facility.

Our main solutions

Operating manuals

Issuing of reference documents, digital manuals, operator handbooks… to provide quick access to information and guide operating personnel on a daily basis.

Operational Experts

Supply of expert personnel for the preparation of commissioning, start-ups and operations.

Virtual tours of the facilities

Digital tools which facilitate knowledge about the facility, support operations and maintenance regarding intervention requests, work, shutdown preparation and inspection.


Operational assistance: drafting of specifications and methodological support for issuing operating procedures.

Assistance with shutdown preparation: availability and transfer procedures, shutdown flowchart sequencing.

Application of digital tools

Application of the am tools suite, digital tools designed to facilitate the management of large projects thanks to enhanced traceability, improve sharing and real-time display of information on smartphones or desk-top computers and reinforce communication.

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