Operating manuals are essential guides for smooth operational management on facilities.
An effective facility reference tool, they help improve the safety and performance of industrial sites and their personnel.


The operating manual, or “ManOps” is designed and drafted from the clients’ technical documents according to their requirements. As a highly comprehensive document, it groups together an industrial facility’s description, systems, equipment and processes.

It also includes the description of operating procedures: shutdowns, commissioning, start-up, 1st level maintenance ...

OMIV, a digital manual

OMIV is a digital version of an operating manual. “OMIV” transforms technical documents into a genuine interactive tool which gives quick and easy access to information and data, therefore allowing operators to provide optimal management on the facilities.

OMIV is used as a training tool for new operators before start-up on new facilities.

Handbook opérateur

The “Operator’s Handbook” is a summary of the operating manual.

Thanks to its pocket-size format, the operator and all the operating personnel in general can carry it around with them on site on a daily basis.


All the operating manuals are designed by IMPAQT CONSEIL, Alpha Maintenance’s subsidiary. For more than 30 years, Impaqt Conseil has provided operating manuals for various new or existing facilities located in France and abroad.

Impaqt Conseil can intervene for upstream and downstream oil facilities, as well as for other industrial sectors using processes (the food industry, pharmaceutical industry...).

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