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Shutdown preparation


Ottmarsheim (68)


January 2015 to july 2016

In the context of the BOREALIS Ottmarsheim shutdown in 2016, the largest in the history of the site, we were asked, and retained, for the preparation and overall supervision of the shutdown works in the fields of Electricity, Instrumentation and Rotating (rotating machines). BOREALIS also entrusted us with the coordination of scaffolding and insulation as well as quality work in document management.

Under the responsibility of Mickael GILLARD, project manager, our team, composed of 10 professionals, worked for 18 months before the shutdown, and 14 weeks under supervision during the shutdown.

Contrary to its usual practice, our client decided not to entrust the supervision of the overhauls of the Rotating Machines to the manufacturers, despite their unprecedented level of complexity. This mission was entrusted to us and we successfully met the challenge. Throughout this work we had to deal with complex problems, such as the overhaul of the Quick Closing Valve of the compression train (VFR moulded with the upper stator of the turbine). In order to do this, we had to have the assembly removed and transferred to Belgium for machining and seat design.

Detail of the missions we were entrusted with :

  • Realization and drafting of the range of interventions
  • Realization of technical alignments with report following AO
  • Production of Trade-specific matrices for technical comparisons for final trade alignments.
  • Technical and documentary preparation prior to the shutdown
  • Treatment of specific works according to the LUT
  •  Supervision of works during the shutdown 

Key figures

Drafting of intervention ranges: 700.

Mechanics rotating machines: 32 machines including 2 compression trains (1 steam turbine driving 2 compressors and 1 reducer per train).

LV & HV electricity: 5 HV motors, 36 LV motors and 2 HV transformers.

Instrumentation: 600 pieces of equipment (auto valves, capacity & machine instruments).

Coordination Echaf - Calo: 40,000 M3.

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