Lyondellbasell - Deployment of our AMtools on Polyols shutdown 2019

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LyondellBasell Fos Caban


Shutdown planning and deployment of AMprogress


Fos Caban (13)


January to june 2019

At the end of 2018, we were asked by Lyondellbasell to plan the shutdown of the POLYOLS unit at the Fos Caban (13) site, which took place from March to May 2019, and to partially prepare for it. This was the opportunity to set up AMProgress, the latest AMTools product, the successor to WebMCP and AMList, in an operational situation.

The AMProgress interface allows each participant to access the scope of the work to be carried out, to identify those responsible, to provide information and visualise progress, to ensure quality monitoring and finally to provide the data required for daily reporting. All this is accessible both on smartphone and PC. For this occasion, we installed 65" touch screens in the shutdown coordination room, enabling all the people involved to enter data directly into the application and to consult the progress of their zone in real time.

"AMProgress is not just one more application but the continuity of the process of preparation, planning, coordination and monitoring of the work. In short, with just a few clicks and drags and drops, it makes stop coordination much simpler and more fun" (Frédéric, Project Manager).

We can congratulate the whole Alpha Maintenance team for having brilliantly managed this strategic business and, icing on the cake, for having won the safety trophy organised by Lyondellbasell!

Key figures

+ more than 7000 planned tasks: Static equipment (Columns, Balloons, Exchangers),
Second Work (Metallurgy, Instrumentation, Valves and fittings, ...).

30482 hours of planned work during shutdown.

5766 h on critical paths completed over 4 weeks.

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