Announcement - Creation of the CSR Committee

Creation of a CSR Committee within Alpha Maintenance : A concrete CSR commitment in line with our vision and our desire to accompany the world's transformations.

We are very proud to announce the creation of a Committee dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Alpha Maintenance. Comprising members of management and committed employees, it represents a significant step in consolidating our commitment to sustainable and responsible professional and personal practices.

The CSR Committee has a fund financed 100% by the company, to the tune of 2% of its annual net income.
It embodies our firm commitment to integrating social, environmental and ethical issues at the very heart of our business. This fund will enable us to take concrete action in line with the needs of our stakeholders and today's world.

Our employees, the driving force behind the process, are invited to propose and defend their project(s) in line with one or more CSR pillars, in which they are either directly involved (strong commitment within associative structures) or indirectly through voluntary actions in place with their relatives and more broadly their personal environment. After validating the relevance of the projects, in line with strict CSR criteria, the Committee members decide on the financing of the actions and the associated amount.

To date, the Committee has made it possible to release funds to contribute to the social and health prevention work of the "Fête Le Mur" association in Marseille, the Club Loisir Badminton de La Frénaye and the Association Laïque de Déville Basketball.

We are convinced that this CSR Committee will mark a major step forward in our quest for a more responsible company, while reinforcing our position as a committed and respectful player within our fields of activity.

We would like to thank all those at Alpha Maintenance who helped bring this project to fruition (Justine ROUSSEL, Thomas BERRIT and Romain DORIVAL), and especially Tiphaine LINDE, CSR Director of the Ponticelli Frères Group, for her sound advice.

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