Maintenance engineering project for Michelin Bassens

Since September 2021, we have been supporting our client Michelin / Simorep on the Bassens site, in the Bordeaux suburbs, by deploying all our expertise in maintenance method engineering, as part of a new production unit project.

We contribute to the development of optimal preventive & curative maintenance strategies that will be employed by the site maintenance department once the unit is in operation. This project includes, among other things, the realization of preliminary criticality studies, to determine the equipment to be followed as a priority, the drafting of ranges and operating procedures for preventive and curative maintenance, as well as integration into the CMMS used on the site. Our team will also be responsible for training the operational teams of the maintenance department in the methods adopted.

This ambitious project, involving nearly 1,500 newly deployed equipment, should mobilize a team of maintenance engineers until April 2022.

This is a new opportunity to demonstrate all our know-how in terms of maintenance management and optimization of methods, which is fully in line with the strong growth of these activities within the company since 2017. and the official launch of this activity.

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