2 hours security 2021 - The detection of "HIPO"

Focus on the “2 hours security” 2021, flagship event of the QSSE calendar at Alpha Maintenance as within the Ponticelli Frères Group!

Dedicated this year to the detection of situations with high potential of gravity (HIPO), the objective is to encourage better identification but also better analyze each event that could have been fatal or very disabling or high-risk situation, not controlled, from which, if allowed to continue, serious or fatal damage would result.

They are also the opportunity to take stock of our "Better detection to progress" approach:

  • Do we know what a high potential severity situation (HIPO) is?
  • Do we share these situations well, do we share these experiences with colleagues, with HSE facilitators and management?
  • Do we share the best practices that make it possible, in such situations, to avoid falling into a serious accident?
  • What would it take to make further progress and improve?

These 2 hours brought together more than 80 company employees at around ten sites. They mark the company's strong commitment to safety and risk prevention and remind everyone of their responsibility for safety.

As an illustration, the meetings held with our teams at the Exxonmobil Notre Dame de Gravenchon, Borealis Grand Quevilly sites and at our "Rhône Alpes Center" in Lyon.

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